Lush Outdoor Northern California Wedding | Wedgewood Brentwood | Angela & Ken

Last weekend, Joseph and I had the pleasure of flying up to the Bay Area to photograph Angela & Ken’s wedding at the Wedgewood in Brentwood. Typically, we’d just pack up the car and take a nice road trip up the scenic Highway 1 to catch views of the Pacific Ocean, but this time, we opted to fly to make the most of our short stay in Northern California.

The Wedgewood Brentwood is beautiful wedding venue with lots to work with as a photographer. Wildflowers were in bloom and we found a couple of areas that were perfect for the first look and for wedding portraits.

Our day started in the early afternoon photographing wedding details and along with preparation for the both the bride and grooms side. Everyone was getting ready at the same hotel, and that makes it very convenient for us to get plenty of photos while the girls get their hair and make up done and while the boys drink and crack jokes about it not being too late to run.

Angela & Ken Wedding-001

The lucky groom and his best man making sure he’s looking sharp for his wedding day.

Angela & Ken Wedding-002

The beautiful bride helping one of her bridesmaids into her pink bridesmaid dress.

Angela & Ken Wedding-003

Mother of the bride getting her make up done by a make up professional.

Angela & Ken Wedding-004

Team Bride tightening up the brides dress.

Angela & Ken Wedding-005

Angela & Ken Wedding-006

After a quick drive from the Hilton Concord to the Wedgewood Brentwood, it was time for the groom to get the first look at his bride. We found this little bridge that’s for golf carts that was perfect for some quick portraits.

Angela & Ken Wedding-008

Same bridge, just a different angle to make use of the flowers.

Angela & Ken Wedding-009

The entire wedding party ready to tee off and start the celebration.

Angela & Ken Wedding-010

Angela & Ken Wedding-011

The bride and her bridesmaids.

Angela & Ken Wedding-012

The groom and groomsmen with their superhero-themed socks. It’s awesome how the groom was wearing socks that said “game over”.

Angela & Ken Wedding-013

After all that fun taking bridal party portraits, guests were starting to arrive and it was time to hide the bride and get ready for the start of the wedding ceremony.

Angela & Ken Wedding-015

Angela & Ken Wedding-016

Angela & Ken Wedding-017

Angela & Ken Wedding-018

Angela & Ken Wedding-019

Angela & Ken Wedding-020

Angela & Ken Wedding-021

Angela & Ken Wedding-022

Some of the cutest and excited ring bearers we’ve seen. They raced down the aisle like there was a gold medal waiting for the brothers at the end. They were probably also super excited because their mom was part of the wedding party and their dad was the officiant.

Angela & Ken Wedding-023

Super-cute flower girls.

Angela & Ken Wedding-024

The beautiful bride walking down with her brother.

Angela & Ken Wedding-025

Angela & Ken Wedding-026

Angela & Ken Wedding-027

Angela & Ken Wedding-028

Angela & Ken Wedding-029

Angela & Ken Wedding-030


Josh, the officiant, trying to hold back the emotions while the two read vows they wrote to each other.

Angela & Ken Wedding-031

Angela & Ken Wedding-032

The ring exchange.

Angela & Ken Wedding-033

You may kiss the bride!

Angela & Ken Wedding-034

Angela & Ken Wedding-035

Angela & Ken Wedding-036

Angela & Ken Wedding-037

Who doesn’t love a candy bar with awesome childhood candy you’d get from the ice cream man!?

Angela & Ken Wedding-038

Funko Pop cake toppers!

Angela & Ken Wedding-039

Grand entrance as husband and wife to kick off the wedding reception.

Angela & Ken Wedding-040

First dance as husband and wife.

Angela & Ken Wedding-041

A few toasts that really got the crowd crying from laughter and joy.

Angela & Ken Wedding-042

Angela & Ken Wedding-043

Angela & Ken Wedding-044

Angela & Ken Wedding-045

Angela & Ken Wedding-046

This brother-sister dance got everyone crying.

Angela & Ken Wedding-048

The happy mother-son dance.

Angela & Ken Wedding-049

Open dance floor and time for everyone to party!

Angela & Ken Wedding-050

It was a beautiful wedding and we were honored to be a part of it. The Bay Area has always treated us so well and has always been welcoming to Southern Californian’s like us. The bonus was seeing so many friends from college at Angela and Ken’s wedding. It definitely felt like we turned back the hands of time about 12 or 13 years with all of those familiar faces there.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the highlight photos from Angela and Ken’s big day in Brentwood and congrats again to the newlyweds!


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